More On Marriage In Heaven


I read the work online of a preacher who said he went to heaven, and he found that people there did have “partners” whom they lived with, to whom they were perfectly suited. These people did not have sex as we know it, but their celestial bodies blended into one at times. Whether or not this is actual, it is a lovely idea, and I hope it is true for those who would like to live that way. I miss my “soul mate” and would like to share his mansion. And share with him whatever God would like us to share. What do you think?


There are numerous accounts of people who claim to have been to Heaven or Hell or both. These accounts are not consistent, as you would expect them to be if they all really visited the same place. Plus their supposed visits contradict the Bible. In short I don’t give them much credibility. As for marriage, in Matt. 22:30 Jesus said, “At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage, they will be like the angels.”

I believe this is the definitive statement on our post rapture relationships. But I also believe that in order for the Lord’s promises of what Heaven will be like to come true, we’ll have to be involved with each other in some way that surpasses the joy we experience in any of our earthly relationships.