Living In Heaven, Reigning On Earth?


In your current article you say we will live in heaven with Christ, and yes I understand our home (or mansion) will be made there. How does Revelation 20:4-6 fit into this? If we are reigning with Christ for that 1000 years it must be on earth. God reigns in heaven forever and there is no other need to reign there.


You’re making an assumption that sounds logical but isn’t necessarily so. Who says we have to live on Earth? John 14:2-3 clearly says that Jesus went to Heaven to prepare a place for us there, and that’s where He’s going to take us in the Rapture, even though Rev. 5:10 indicates we’ll reign on Earth. Maybe we’ll be like the historical kings of England who lived in London but ruled over such geographically diverse places as Canada, Australia, India and Hong Kong without ever actually living in them.

We find out from Rev. 21 that the home Jesus built for us and will take us to is the New Jerusalem which is seen coming down out of heaven (see especially Rev. 21:27). But John never said that it will land on Earth. In fact a calculation of its dimensions shows that it’s far too big to fit in Israel or any other place on Earth. Personally, I believe the New Jerusalem, which is about 2/3 the size of the moon, will orbit Earth in close proximity like a satellite would. From there we’ll reign with Christ.

Conversely, while God reigns in Heaven, Ezekiel 43:7 tells us He will live in Israel on Earth during the Millennium.

Rev. 20:4-6, which is about tribulation martyrs and not the Church, says they are part of the first resurrection and will also reign with Christ, but are not called kings. The Bible doesn’t say where tribulation martyrs will live after their resurrection.