Ruling And Reigning


Will raptured Saints rule and reign with Jesus physically on earth during the millennium? Revelation and Zechariah both describe Jesus’ 2nd coming when He comes with His army “clothed in fine linen, white and clean”, which are the clothes given to Jesus’ bride in Revelation 19. To me this means that we are with Jesus when He comes back to reign on earth.



Rev. 19:14 says it’s the armies of heaven who return with Jesus. Remember, angels are also clothed in white, and personally I don’t think the Lord will take His new bride into battle with Him. Besides, there’s no place in scripture that identifies the church as the armies of heaven. It always refers to angels.

Rev. 5:10 indicates we’ll reign on Earth, but from Rev. 21:27 it’s clear that we’ll live in the New Jerusalem. Maybe we’ll be like historical kings of England who lived in London but ruled over places like Canada, Australia, India, and Hong Kong without actually being there.