Ruling Over What?


Our reward when we get to heaven is to rule and reign. My question is, to rule and reign what? Satan is vanquished. The only people there are ones that “passed the test”and received the reward of heaven. Its not like they need someone to keep them from robbing banks or stealing the asphalt. I myself would not be comfortable ruling over Christians or setting myself above them in any way. What am I missing here?


What you’re missing is some of the detail about the Millennium. For example even though at the beginning all people we’ll be ruling over will be believers, they will still have a sin nature, unable to keep themselves from sinning. Think of the Church today, which is in the same state. Do you think we would be able to govern ourselves without a system of laws and people to enforce them? And to make matters worse, their offspring will have to choose to accept the Lord just like we have. Some will but others won’t, like it is in Christian families today. Within a few generations there will be a growing population of non-believers again. Who will govern their behavior?

And like it or not, you will be above the believers of earth because you’ll be immortal in your glorified resurrection body with all its supernatural capability, while they will still be earthbound mortal sinners.

And don’t get the idea that Satan being bound means everyone will be good. As soon as he’s released he will be able to quickly recruit a mighty army. Rev. 20:8 tells us they will number like the sand on the seashore. This tells us a whole lot of people will have been waiting for him to return and lead them against the Lord.

I frequently get letters from people who say they won’t like this or that about the Millennium, but they forget a couple of things. One, we won’t be anything like we are now so there’s really no way to predict what we will or won’t like, and two, for the Church the Millennium will be a time of joy and fulfillment that no other humans ever have or ever will experience.

I suggest you wait and see how things are going to be instead of deciding in advance what you won’t like.