Loss Of Free Will. Follow Up


I saw in a post where you told a person who asked about the loss of free will that we wouldn’t be robots, Free will is what makes us Us, take away free will and we are just puppets on a string who will perform as God wills us to perform. Even in Heaven, it means I will live out eternity with out a choice and be happy for it. Not because I’m really happy, but because God tells me I’m happy so I am. I’m sorry. I guess my sin nature is speaking because that sounds horrible.


You should do a little Biblical research on this because the only thing free will has ever produced is disobedience and rebellion against God that always ruined everything. Start with Satan, Adam and Eve, the Tower of Babel, Abraham and Sarah, the nation of Israel, the post rapture world, the Millennial world, the list goes on. So are you saying you want to reserve the right to disobey and rebel, so you can help ruin eternity, too? Or can you trust God enough to surrender your will to His?