Matt. 24:40-42. Rapture Or 2nd Coming?


First of all, thank you so much for your ministry. My question is pertaining to Matthew 24. I believe as you do that this chapter is addressed to Israel and regards the 70th week of Daniel. I’m a bit confused about verses 40 – 42. It sounds rapture like in its description of two together and one taken but according to verse 29 it happens after the tribulation. Is this part of the gathering that the angels do in verse 31 or is it something altogether different?


I think part of the problem comes from the way the passage is translated. The Greek word translated “taken” means to receive unto oneself and the one translated “left” means to put away. In the rapture believers are received unto the Lord, but unbelievers are simply left in place, not put away. Seen in this light and knowing that this happens after the 2nd Coming makes it easier to understand that Matt. 24:40-42 is an overview of the parables that follow in Matt. 24:45 – 25:46, where believing tribulation survivors are received into the Kingdom and non-believers are put away into eternal punishment.