Matt. 24-25. Rapture Or 2nd Coming?


I am convinced in my own mind that the rapture will come before the Great Tribulation, and that Matt. 24-25 is about Israel and the 2nd Coming. I don’t understand why do some people say Matt. 24-25 is about the rapture?


People who believe the rapture will follow the Great Tribulation try to use Matt. 24-25 in support of their position by claiming it refers to the church instead of Israel. They justify this by pointing out that it’s in the New Testament and therefore the disciples are representatives of the Church. This requires them to take parts of the passage out of context and re-interpret other parts. But a careful reading of these two chapters reveals that their position can’t be correct. The timing is wrong, the theology is wrong, and the context is wrong. Jesus was not speaking to or about the church in Matt. 24-25. He was speaking to and about Israel during the 70th Week of Daniel after the Church is gone.