Mean Spirited Parents


My parents are drug abusers, mean spirited and do not act like parents to me, or grandparents to my son. I am a child of God, love the Lord with all my heart, and am at a difficult place. How can I honor my parents as the Bible commands, but not get caught up in the constant drama of their world. I don’t want my son exposed to them. I feel hurt and saddened that they do not act lovingly to me (their only child) and their only grandson. I have feelings of not wanting to see them or talk to them at all … just cutting them out of my life. I don’t hate them .. I love them .. but I cannot live in their world. What are God’s views on this?


You don’t say whether your parents are believers or not, but regardless of their state, I’ll refer you to Matt. 18: 15-17. Lovingly confront them on this, following the steps the Lord outlined. If you don’t get anywhere trying to reconcile this with them, then you’re free to curtail the relationship.

Keep in mind that the Lord’s goals are always reconciliation and restoration in cases like this, but He doesn’t expect us to abandon our values to achieve that. Fellowship with you and your son should be worth something to them, and they should be willing to at least act decently around you to maintain it.