Mid Acts Dispensationalism


I have been speaking to some people who call themselves Mid-Acts dispensationalists. I have heard of this before, but I was never able to understand their position.

When I realized that they exclude the early Jewish church, and even the Apostles from the body of Christ I was just shocked.

I used Scripture and proved them wrong but they are determined to stick to their belief. I simply cannot understand why they are so extremely adamant about this.

I have begun to wonder if the mid-acts is another, more subtle form of Replacement Theology. What do you think?


Mid Acts Dispensationalism is a twist on the “Different Gospel” idea that claims Peter taught a different path to salvation than Paul.

Mid-Acts people go further, saying that Peter taught repentance to the Jews to prepare them for Israel’s Kingdom Age, while Paul taught being washed in the Blood to the Church. But both men taught and practiced receiving the Holy Spirit as a result of believing in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins, and that began in Acts 2:38, not somewhere in the middle of the book.