More On The Millennium. Follow Up


Re: More On the Millennium. When the church comes back w/Jesus on the white horses and we see him victorious in the battle of Armageddon….I have been told that we will stay on the earth in the millennial kingdom working for Jesus. If that’s right (and please correct me if it’s not), will the church be scattered around the world working or will we stay in Israel w/Jesus? If we are working everywhere, what will it be like for someone who may be working in an area that undergoes a plague or something? I don’t assume we will be suffering but I guess I never thought about trials and hardships after we are raptured… that something we may experience?


I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. I don’t believe the Church is the “armies of Heaven” on white horses with the Lord in Rev. 19:14. I believe these are heavenly warriors accompanying Jesus. The Church is nowhere described as the armies of Heaven and no husband takes his new bride into battle. I think the whole idea of us charging into battle with the Lord is a romantic notion from the mind of man.

I believe the Church will return to the proximity of Earth shortly after the 2nd Coming in the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2). This is confirmed when John is taken to see the bride, the wife of the Lamb, and is carried away to the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God (Rev. 21:10). Rev. 21:27 says only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life can enter there. That’s the Church.

This will be our home during the Millennium, not scattered around in different places on Earth, bearing hardships and trials.