Sinners In The Millennium. Follow Up


While reading the posting on Sinners in the Millennium, a question came to me about all those who would increasingly sin during that period. I don’t understand how that can be while Jesus is here ruling with a rod of iron. Can you please elucidate?


Even the strictest ruler cannot control the thoughts of his subjects, and that’s where sin begins. Think of the degree to which the Jewish religion dominated the culture of the people in the Old Testament. Yet even with God living in their midst they still sinned because they had a sin nature that made it impossible for them not to sin. That’s why they needed to offer sacrifices for their sins every day.

Those who will dwell on Earth during the Millennium will also have a sin nature. For Jesus to prevent them from sinning, He would have to strike them dead as soon as the thought of sinning entered their minds. The population would not survive.

Remember, one purpose of the Millennium is to demonstrate that there is no circumstance under which a natural man can live in a manner pleasing to God. Even with Satan bound, all unbelievers removed from the planet, and the Lord reigning in their midst, natural man will eventually rebel against God. It’s why we need to be changed from mortal to immortal before we can dwell in eternity with Him.