More End Times Questions


As I read all your End Times articles, I understand so much of what is happening now and will happen in the Middle East after the Rapture. My question is what countries will be punished in relation to ‘scattered Jews’ of old. America must be on that list. Who else?

Secondly, what is happening around the world after the Rapture? Is the whole world punished, and just the major wars occur in the Mid – East; or is war world wide? Is any counrty ‘safer’ than another ? ( ei – Judea/Petra ). I love your site. I apologize if this question has already been answered.


Jeremiah 30:4-11 says all the nations among which the Israelites have been scattered will be completely destroyed, but there is no mention of them by name in the Bible. Certainly the Jews have been scattered through out the Middle East and Europe. Russia and India have also had sizable Jewish populations. And there are Jews throughout North and South America, with the US being home to the largest Jewish population outside of Israel. These are just the more obvious countries I can think of.

Although some prophecy teachers tell us the end times judgments will largely be confined to the Middle East, there are several places in the Bible that indicate they will impact the entire post rapture world. In Matt. 24:21 Jesus said the Great Tribulation would be the worst time of judgment the world has ever seen. That makes it greater than both world wars, greater even than Noah’s flood. He said if He didn’t put an end to it not a single human would survive. And in Rev. 3:10 He said it would it would be a time of trial that is coming upon the whole world. Daniel 11:41 says Jordan will evade the anti-Christ’s control but that doesn’t mean Jordan will be immune from judgment.

Since it appears that about half the world’s population will survive the end times judgements, there will be some places on Earth that are safer than others. But rather than particular nations being safe havens, it seems more likely that the remote places on Earth will be safer than population centers, regardless of which nation they’re in. But that’s just an opinion. No one knows for sure.