More Itching Ears Follow Up


First of all, I must say, you are truly a gifted teacher, and a faithful servant.

I have been anxiously reading your weekly articles for the last few years. I believe in a pre-trib rapture, and with the quickly occurring events in regards to bible prophecy, believe we could very well be at the door.

Your recent article “itching ears” weighs heavy on my heart, not because I am looking at a specific date for the Lord’s return, but because I was left with the impression you were saying it’s not possible He could come that soon. This is the specific danger of being overtaken as by a thief that He warned us about. Given Israel’s history, recent events involving Russia, there is no doubt these things could come to pass very quickly. The danger with setting dates is thinking we have time. I hate to think some brothers and sisters will be caught unaware because one of these “dates” will come too late.


The Blood Moons of 2015 are claimed by some to herald the 2nd Coming, not the Rapture of the Church. Regardless of whether they do or not the fact remains that the Rapture of the Church could literally happen at any moment and will happen the instant the Church receives its allotted number. While there are several significant and time consuming prophecies that must be fulfilled before the 2nd Coming there is no prophecy left that must precede the Rapture.

The danger in using this remarkable set of solar and lunar eclipses to predict the 2nd Coming lies in the disillusionment of believers when the 70th Week of Daniel doesn’t begin next month, not in supporting the complacency of unbelievers, whose risk of being left behind increases with every day they delay