Our Itching Ears Follow Up


With the scriptures telling us that Jesus fulfilled the first three feasts we can assume that God has the fall feasts in the plan also. Whether or not He will return in 2015 only God knows. To have new revelations come to light such as this is exciting. To see how our God is a God of patterns and to see Him in the Hebraic context is enlightening. These are God’s feasts, and His appointments.

You are correct in that so many things must take place according to scripture before the tribulation could begin this fall 2008. But it does not negate the exciting discovery of these coming eclipses. What it all means, and the significance if any, of these discoveries, only God knows. It excites me to know He’s up to something by revealing this, and I can rest in that alone.


I agree that the discovery of these coming eclipses is exciting. What I disagree with it that teachers who should know better are jumping to the conclusion that they must herald the 2nd Coming. Although they don’t come right out and say so, the conclusion they’re leading us to is that the Rapture has to happen next month. That’s what’s really generating all the excitement. Most Christians are only interested in the Jewish feasts to the extent that they reveal clues about the End Times so they look at them from a Christian perspective. On one hand they subscribe to the view that the Church and Israel are separate, but on the other they look for the Rapture to take place on a fall feast date seven years before the 2nd Coming.

Teaching that the Lord will return in 2015 completely overlooks the enormous amount of prophecy that has to be fulfilled before Israel can be ready for the 2nd Coming. I still think it’s much more likely that the Blood Moons will herald the beginning of the 70th Week, not its end.