More On God’s Last Call


In your mp3 study on Thessalonians you made the statement that in the far east GOD is issuing a last call. Can you expand on that? I’ve never heard that said before. Why would the far east have this sense of urgency when most of the west does not?


For most of the last 2000 years, Christianity has largely been a western religion and didn’t make much headway in the East. Now the West is in spiritual decline and the majority of Church growth is in places like Africa, India, and China. In other words, we had our turn and now it’s theirs. I believe this is part of God’s promise to have the Gospel preached in all nations before the end (Matt. 24:14). This promise won’t be completely fulfilled until just after the Great Tribulation begins (Rev. 14:6) and by then the Church will be gone.