More On Javier Solana


What is your opinion on Javier Solana and his 7 year covenant with many nations that he negotiated in 1995 and he wants to re-establish beginning in Jan. of 2007? Could it be the Treaty of Peace that Israel wants?

I understand that France,Germany and Britain are stopping this from happening but Mr. Solana insists that it will take place. I also understand that Pres. Bush and the international community has given Mr. Solana the green light to find a settlement concerning the Middle East.

This man seems to be everywhere negotiating.


Javier Solana is currently one of the prime candidates for Anti-Christ for those who speculate on such things. And many point to his coming seven year treaty.

According to inferences in Daniel 9:27 concerning the anti-Christ’s desecration of the coming Temple, in order for Solana’s treaty to be the one that kicks off the 70th week, it would have to include provisions for building a Temple in Israel.

The problem is that Israel hasn’t asked for a Temple and a majority of Israelis won’t even want one until after the conclusion of the Battle of Ezekiel 38-39. So, unless Ezekiel’s battle takes place before January 2007, I don’t think this treaty can be the one.

Much is made of the fact that Solana’s power derives from the Western European Union Asembly’s resolution 666. This is one of many fascinating circumstances that make Solana one of the world’s most popular candidates for the anti-Christ, but I’m skeptical about accepting resolution number 666 as the fulfillment of Rev. 13:18.

Besides, Rev. 17:11 says that the anti-Christ is an eighth king, not one of the seven, which are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia Greece, Rome and the Revived Roman Empire. And Daniel 7:7-12, speaking of Rome in the last days, describes it as a beast with 10 horns. But then another horn, a little one, rises up among them and uproots three of them. This little horn is the anti-Christ, who was not part of the 10 horned beast, but rose up among the 10 horns.

These two passages lead me to believe that the anti-Christ will not come from among the current leadership of the European Union, but will emerge suddenly to assume power over it.