More On Post Rapture Believers


My question is why do the saints ask “how long” in Rev 6:10 when the Bible specifies a 7 year tribulation period? And even breaks down the length in days? Wouldn’t the people who are martyred during this period know exactly how long is left until Jesus’ second coming.


Not necessarily. The Bible doesn’t explain this but remember, the Church will have recently been raptured so many of these martyrs could be brand new believers who may not be well versed in prophetic Scriptures. Even so, I believe it’s a rhetorical question. What I think they’re saying is, “The Church is out of danger, and the people of Earth deserve to be judged, so what are you waiting for?” Of course they’re correct, but the Lord asks for patience until the remainder of post rapture believers who He already knows will choose to die for their faith have had the opportunity to earn their crowns. Those who are faithful even to the point of death will receive the crown of life (Rev. 2:10).