Will Post Rapture Believers Observe Communion?


After communion last Sunday, I was wondering if those who are saved after the rapture of the church will be participating in this remembrance of the Lord’s death, or if it is just for the church age saints. In 1 Cor. 11:26 it says do this until He comes – is this referring to rapture or 2nd coming?


Paul was writing to give direction to the Church, and obviously we will only observe communion until the rapture. I think it’s likely that post rapture believers will continue the observance of communion until the 2nd Coming because 1 Cor. 11:26 can be interpreted that way as well.

While the Bible doesn’t specifically say this, I believe post rapture believers will be driven underground as the anti-Christ consolidates his power over the world and will resemble the early Church during the persecution of Roman times. Their faith will be much stronger than ours, their relationship with the Lord will be much closer, and their reliance upon Him will be much greater. Therefore it seems to me that the observance of communion would be very important to them.