More On Prayer Languages


On the recent tongues question … your answer indicates a difference between tongues and a prayer language. Could you expound more on that? Why do you think they are different? Do you even see a case for a prayer language in Scripture? Or do you see a prayer language as merely a man made ritual?


Paul’s instructions on the use of the gift of tongues makes it clear that the language being uttered can and should be interpreted for the purpose of understanding, and if there’s no interpreter present it should not be expressed audibly (1 Cor. 14:27-28). In today’s Churches no attempt in made to interpret prayer languages, and many say they can not be understood, either by the person uttering them or by a person with the gift of interpretation. Advocates of this say the prayer is being given by the Holy Spirit in an angelic language and is meant only for God.

Since this contradicts the Biblical explanation of tongues and violates instructions on their use, then the prayer language must be something else. If it truly is a communication between the Holy Spirit and God then an audible utterance is not required. I personally do not see any Biblical support for exercising the so-called prayer language in public.