More On Pre-Born Babies And The Rapture


In regards to the article ‘Pre-born babies in the rapture’. First Rom. 7:9 says nothing about the age of accountability that I can tell. And you said that you think that babies still in the womb of unbelieving mothers would be taken in the rapture, at the moment of the rapture. Am I correct in believing this is what you said? That could be seen as a whole lot of self induced abortions. Thank you for clarifying this for me.


In Romans 7:9 Paul said once he was alive apart from the law, which means there was a time when he wasn’t accountable under the law and had eternal life. Then he said, ‘but when the commandments came …”. This means when he became accountable to the commandments because they had been there all along. So the time he had been alive apart from the law refers to the time before he reached the age of accountability. ” … sin sprang to life and I died” means when he reached the age of accountability his sins were charged against him and brought the penalty, which is death. Since he didn’t die physically at that time he was referring to being destined for spiritual death. Later he became a believer, his sins were forgiven, his death sentence was pardoned, and he received eternal life apart from the law again.

Yes, I imagine for many of those left behind the disappearance of pre-born babies from their unbelieving mothers’ wombs will be seen as self induced abortions.