Post Rapture Babies


It’s my understanding that during the rapture God takes babies out of the womb of unbelieving mothers. My question is what does the Lord do about nine months later when the world has a new round of babies in the tribulation that may not live past six years old? Are these some of the ones that will be serving in the temple day and night?


Since the Bible says life begins at conception (Psalm 51:5) and that all children belong to God (Romans 7:9), many scholars have assumed the pre-born will be taken in the rapture along with all other children.

But that won’t stop post rapture births from taking place. In Matt. 24:19 Jesus spoke of how difficult it will be for pregnant women and nursing mothers during the Great Tribulation.

According to my understanding, little ones who die during the Great Tribulation will go to be with God and, as is the case with adult believers who die during this time, will serve Him in His Temple (Rev. 7:15). Those who survive will enter the Millennial Kingdom on Earth (Matt. 25:34).