More On The 2 Witnesses

Q. Thank you so very much for your site. You have been a lot of help to me. My question is if the two witnesses show up in Rev. 11:3 and are here for one thousand, two hundred, sixty days, would that go thru the great tribulation? At what point do they come and what point do they leave?

A. The 2 witnesses are first mentioned in Rev. 11:3. If this is when they first come on the scene, then their ministry begins before the Great Tribulation, which starts on Earth in Rev. 13. A 1260 day time period would mean their deaths will occur sometime before the Great Tribulation ends. Rev. 11:3-12 is a summary of the entire 3 1/2 years, and they’re not mentioned again, so we don’t know the exact point at which they’re killed.

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