More On The Assyrian Anti-Christ


I saw on your site an answer to a question about an Assyrian antichrist. I read an article on this which I think seems to make sense. In it, (the author) posits that ‘Asshur,’ translated in our Bibles as ‘Assyria’ is really another name for the antichrist. He then goes on to show how he thinks this is Nimrod, the first ruler and king of Babel. And this being so, he will be the one “who was, now is not, and will be” who will amaze the earth. A lot of it sounds plausible. What do you think?


The Hebrew word Asshur appears 151 times in the Old Testament. 137 of those times it’s translated Assyria or Assyrian. It comes from a root that means to be straight or upright, which is used in the Jewish Talmud to signify firmness and strength. One of the 9 times it’s translated Asshur is in Genesis 10:22 where it’s the name of the 2nd son of Shem, who is considered by most scholars to the the father of the Assyrian people. To me the word doesn’t appear to be mistranslated.

I’ve seen a number of attempts to identify the anti-Christ as an Assyrian and so far am not persuaded. And even if I was, I don’t understand the significance.