More On The Bema Seat Judgment


Thank you so much for your ministry. Not a day passes by that I don’t check out your site and read your articles and questions answered. One topic that I constantly think about is the Judgment Seat of Christ. I understand that only believers will be at this judgment but I am confused as to what will be addressed. Will all of my sins as a believer be brought out at this judgment?

Will other believers in heaven be watching me go through this judgment or will it be between me and the Lord alone? I have read where you stated that our works as a believer will be judged and rewards given accordingly but what about all our failures in this life? I struggle with sin every day and feel like such a failure as a christian. Should I fear this judgment or should I look forward to it? I am really confused.


When Jesus went to the cross He took your sins with Him and paid the full price for all of them with His death (Col.2:13-14). When you became a believer, that payment was applied to all your sins and you became a new creation. The old you was gone (2 Cor. 5:17) and the slate was wiped clean. Whether past, present or future all the sins of your life are forgiven and forgotten, and there would be no point in ever bringing them up again.

At the Bema Seat judgment, our so called good works will be reviewed. Those things that were done purely out of gratitude for the free gift of salvation and where the Lord got all the glory will be rewarded. Things that were done in our own strength, and where we got the credit, will be burned up. The benefits to others resulting from our good works will not be taken into account in making this judgment, only the motive of our heart (1 Cor. 3:10-15, 4:5). Because we often can’t discern our own motives, the Lord’s decisions will surely surprise us. But there’s no reason to fear the outcome.