More On The Curse Of Eve


Our church is in the country and we have 10 acres of land. We have decided to have a vegetable garden to help feed those in our church that have lost jobs or anyone else in need. We hope to be able to home-can some of the bounty. Now my question. Several elderly women have cautioned us that if a woman is having her period, she must not help with the canning because it would cause spoilage. This sounds like an old wife’s tale to me but they insist it is true. Someone suggested that since this part a female’s life is caused by the original curse on Eve for touching and eating the forbidden fruit, that the curse continues today. Does that have any biblical foundation? I have not been able to find and scientific reason for it to be true.


There is neither Biblical, scientific, nor any other kind of foundation for this. The so-called “curse of Eve” was not a menstrual period, nor was it painful childbirth. It was the sorrow of one hundred generations of women who desperately wanted to be the mother of the Redeemer but gave birth only to ordinary sons, while the world continued to wallow in sin. It ended when Mary gave birth to Jesus.