The Curse Of Eve, Follow Up


I just read your article about the Curse of Eve with great delight. When I was pregnant last year I found some books written by midwives about how to give birth naturally. I discovered, despite what our culture teaches us, that giving birth should not be a traumatic, horrifying, drug-filled event, but a beautiful and natural event; and that the female body is perfectly equipped to do it. I was raised a Christian, and I’m devoted to the Lord, so I was confused about how my new discoveries fit with what I thought the Bible teaches about women being cursed in childbirth. It all makes sense now, and I can follow the paths of natural childbirth without any twinge of confusion or guilt about not being in God’s plan.

I had a question to follow up and clarify your article. For some reason I always assumed that the curses on Adam and Eve applied to all of mankind, though we who are in Christ are no longer bound to the curse. However, are you saying that the curse of Eve applied only to her, and was not passed down to all women after her? Do you think Adam’s curse applied only to him and not to all men? i.e. does the ground produce plants normally now, but for Adam it did not? The curse on the serpent seems to have affected all snakes afterward, since I haven’t seen any snakes with legs recently. What should we learn from these curses? How much of it applies to us?


Thanks for writing. When my wife became pregnant with our son, we undertook the same research, and I assisted as she experienced a pain free, drug free birth in our living room, while the midwife simply observed. Our Biblical and medical research and our experience have been confirmed by many and led to the original publication of this article.

The so-called curse of Eve was the sorrow women would feel when they realized that the son they had given birth to was not the Redeemer. It meant that the horrific consequences of sin in the world would continue. It applied to all women up to the time Mary gave birth to Jesus. (Matt. 1:21)

God did not curse Adam directly. He cursed the ground, increasing the amount of work Adam would have to do to make it produce his food. That curse is still in effect today and will not be removed until the 2nd Coming. (Romans 8:22)

The curse on the serpent will never be removed. (Isaiah 65:25)