More On The Holy Spirit After The Rapture


In your answer to a question about the Holy Spirit you said, “After we’re raptured, we’ll no longer need the Holy Spirit to be sealed within us, since the event His presence guaranteed will have taken place. During the 70th week the Holy Spirit, having been released from the Church, will resume a ministry on Earth similar to the one He performed in Old Testament times. ” This scares me.

Adam did not have a sin nature, he was sinless. I don’t think that he wanted to sin in the beginning. He was without the Holy Spirit and he sinned to his destruction. Lucifer did not have a sin nature, he was sinless, and he sinned to his destruction. If the Holy Spirit is not needed because we have a sinless nature and don’t desire to sin, but leaves us to return to earth, how long can it be before we end up like Lucifer and Adam with a new mess on our heads for which there is no more sacrifice? Doesn’t forever mean forever?


First of all, remember that the context of the question was how people on Earth can be saved after the rapture if the Holy Spirit is gone. I said He would assume a ministry similar to that of the Old Testament. The only difference will be that He’ll no longer serve as the guarantee of our inheritance because we’ll have received it already.

As for your vulnerability to sin when you get to heaven, stop and think for a minute. Would God have gone through everything He’s gone through for you if there was a chance that you could ruin it all by sinning? If you have eternal security on Earth, why would it not be the same in Heaven? Having protected you from the consequences of your sin on Earth by paying for them in advance, would He then leave you to your own devices when you get to heaven? That doesn’t make sense.