More On The Rapture And Rosh Hashanna


I believe that the rapture is imminent, but since God is not restricted by time, He will use the date of the rapture to His advantage, making the allotted number of Gentiles coming into the Kingdom as secondary. What do I mean by this? I believe that God intends to use the Rapture as a means to move some of His Jewish people to make a decision for Christ. By God taking action on another Jewish event, such as Rosh Hashana, just as He did in the past, would send a shockwave through the Jewish community. Although most will still follow the AntiChrist, many will “see the light”.


The only condition mentioned in the Bible for the Rapture to occur is the full number of Gentiles coming in. To me that means it’s not a secondary issue. I think that whatever day the Rapture happens it will send a shock wave through the Jewish community because a surprising number of prominent Jews who will not have been identified as being Messianic will disappear along with the recognized Jewish believers. The Rapture could occur on Rosh Hashanna. although it’s no more likely than any other day.