More Questions About Matt. 24


I have a question about Mathew 24. How is it that the disciples asked questions about Jesus 2nd coming when they didn’t even fully understand that he would be crucified and be resurrected like he was trying to tell them? Another question I have is about Him saying the time before he comes again will be like the days of Noah, (vs36 -41) where people will be eating and drinking, but I thought the days would be violent from the all the natural disasters and judgments in Revelation? And also in the parable following this it says the master who finds his servants not watching and expecting his return would be cut to pieces, Isn’t all of Israel going to be saved at the 2nd coming?


The fact that the disciples asked Jesus these questions is evidence that they at least understood He would leave and then come back.

To me what Jesus meant in comparing the time of the 2nd Coming to the days of Noah was that people had no idea the flood was coming to sweep them all away even though Noah had told them about it. They thought life would continue as it always had. Unbelievers in the time of the Great Tribulation will know they are in difficult times but will have no idea the End of the Age is coming and they’ll all be taken away, even though the Bible has told them. They will think life will continue as it always has.

We can only be saved through Jesus so when Paul said all Israel will be saved (Romans 11:26), he didn’t necessarily mean every single Jewish person. He meant that every tribe of Israel will be represented among the Jews who recognize Jesus as their Savior in the fulfillment of Zechariah 12:10, which will take place during the Great Tribulation.