Move The UN To Babylon?


Is it possible that the key to understanding how Babylon will re-evolve lies with the location of the United Nations?

The U.N. certainly could be considered a candidate for the one world gov. or at least will be the vehicle by which the anti-christ takes control and
rules. If New York were crippled and the U.N. building destroyed (along with the U.S. economy in the process) by a terrorist strike, then the U.N. would HAVE to move to a new uncontaminated location and again it might be politically correct to the world to move it to Babylon.


Traditionally prophecy students have speculated that UN headquarters will someday be moved to Babylon, since the one world government has been presumed to arise out of the UN. However of late the UN has shown itself to be both incompetent and corrupt, and many are saying that it has become irrelevant.

Based on current trends, I’m beginning to think that the one world government of the last days may more likely be a world wide Moslem Caliphate than a western style representative body.