My Church Doesn’t Teach Prophecy


There’s only one thing that bothers me about my church and that is they do not teach anything about end-times prophecy. In 7 years I have never heard 1 sermon in regards to the book of Revelation or any other end times events as spoken of in the Bible. I have heard that since we will not be here for the tribulation so why teach about it if we are not going to be here? That does not make sense to me. Am I way off here? If the bible is approximately 33% prophecy, filled and unfilled, shouldn’t at least some of the sermons be about prophecy, filled and unfilled?


Many pastors don’t preach on prophecy because they think it’s a controversial subject and are afraid of causing division in their congregations. Also, some denominations believe that the study of prophecy will distract their members from the church’s work on Earth. These denominations don’t teach prophecy in their seminaries and don’t encourage their pastors to teach it from the pulpit. Attitudes like this have caused much of the Body of Christ to remain ignorant about the End Times all their lives. Believers who’ve become interested in prophecy have often been criticized by their leaders and have had to turn elsewhere for information about this huge part of the Bible that’s too often ignored as if it doesn’t exist.

In my opinion, this is a huge failing on the part of organized religion. The study of prophecy is the one guaranteed way to prove that God is who He claims to be, and distinguishes the Bible from all other so-called holy writings.