Neanderthals And Nephilim


A recent article I read that claims that there is a certain ethnic group with DNA segments that come from Neanderthals. Is it possible that Neanderthals were actually related to the Nephilim or to the corruption of the flesh that is spoken of as occurring in those times before the flood? Is it possible that some of this DNA was carried onto the ark by one of the wives of Noah’s sons? Wouldn’t this explain the second incursion of Nephilim spoken of in Genesis?


Neanderthals are claimed by some scientists to be an early, more primitive version of man who lost out to “modern man” in the evolutionary selection process. (Today some folks refer to people they think of as being ignorant or unenlightened as neanderthals.)

On the other hand Genesis 6:4 tells us the Nephilim were the offspring of marriages between angels and humans, and were the heroes of old, men of renown. They are called demi-gods in Greek mythology of which Hercules is a well known example.

Based on the different perceptions of who they were it doesn’t seem like neanderthal DNA could be evidence of Nephilim ancestry. But more importantly the existence of neanderthals, despite all the claims of science, cannot be reconciled with the Bible’s account of man’s origins. It says that Adam, the first man, was created as an immortal being in the very image of God. So you have to ask yourself if such a sub set of the human race ever existed.

I don’t think it’s important to find an explanation for the second wave of Nephilim. In their first mention (Genesis 6:4) the Bible indicates there would be more after the flood. They most likely came from Satan in an attempt to prevent the Israelites from occupying the Promised Land. But whatever their origin, they were destroyed by the Israelites and their cousins, the descendants of Easu and Lot (Deut. 2:2-23) just as the first ones had been destroyed in the flood.