Still Another Nephilim Question


I have another Nephilim question. I understand if you are tired of dealing with this issue, but that last response you gave really brought out my number one problem with the Nephilim. You said, “The Nephilim were not part of the family of man, but were part of a race of aliens sent to attack and destroy God’s creation. Being hybrid they were neither angel nor man, but were an abomination to God, the products of a rebellion in Heaven.”

So, why would God create this hybrid race if it were an abomination to him? Does “products of a rebellion” mean that God did not create them, and that they were instead created by Satan? My understanding is that Jesus created everything in existence, so in the case of the Nephilim, I have a theological conflict that I am confused about.


Adam and Eve were the only humans directly created by God. After that He delegated the creation process to man. That’s why we call it pro-creation.

Humans and angels alike have something called agency. It’s the ability to make our own decisions and act on them. This means we have the right to disobey God, and that’s what the angels who rebelled did. They disobeyed God, took on human form and began having babies with human women in direct disobedience of His order. (Jude 1:6)

These half-angel half-human babies grew up to be giants with super human abilities and intelligence. And there weren’t just a few of them. Evidence of their existence has been found all over the world. They weren’t finally wiped out until after Israel came into the promised land. In fact Goliath might have been one of the last of them.

With such size ability and intelligence they soon took over much of the world. Almost every mythology features some version of them. If God hadn’t destroyed them, they would have completely ruined His creation and its intended inhabitants, man.

That was their goal, their purpose for existence. It was a strategy implemented by Satan to destroy the Creation and prevent man’s redemption. They almost succeeded once, and some believe they’ll soon try again.