Another Nephilim Question


Hi, I have a question about your answer to Salvation for Nephilim. You say that children of mixed angelic-human parentage would not have a salvation option. While I can see that fallen angels would be eternally condemned, and perhaps any human women who willingly and knowingly conceived their children, I don’t see why the children would necessarily be condemned. As in 2 Peter 3:8, the Lord is “not wanting anyone to perish but to come to repentance.”

I am also having trouble with this idea in regards to Noah and the Ark. I was taught that God kept the door of the Ark open for seven days before the rain started so that anyone who wanted to repent could be saved. But if the sin they were guilty of was their impure blood, then how could anyone repent and be saved?

Thank you for your work and teaching. I asked my pastor this question, and he was pretty stumped too.


Yes, God doesn’t want any to perish, but that doesn’t mean that all will be saved. He said that who ever believed would not perish but have eternal life, so the choice to be saved or not is always man’s not God’s.

The Nephilim were not part of the family of man, but were part of a race of aliens sent to attack and destroy God’s creation. Being hybrid they were neither angel nor man, but were an abomination to God, the products of a rebellion in Heaven.

As for the issue of Noah and the ark, the fact is that men of impure blood were opposed to God’s offer, having given their allegiance to Satan. God left the door open for seven days to prove this. Not one of them came forward. 2 Peter 3:19-20 says that Jesus went to them in Hades after He died to remind them of this. They condemned themselves.