Another Nephilim Question


This is a question which has been on my mind for years and is blocking my concentration on you article on The Nephilim. So here it is. If Noah’s line was the only uncontaminated line left on earth before the flood, where did the wives of the sons of Noah come from? Why weren’t they contaminated, too?


The Bible doesn’t come right out and say where the wives of Noah and his sons came from, but since God chose these 8 people to begin a new civilization it only makes sense that He knew they were also pure. Otherwise God’s efforts to cleanse His creation would have been a failure because the new world would have been contaminated right from the beginning. The claim that one of the wives had nephilim genes (Ham’s wife is a popular candidate) is nothing more than an unsubstantiated opinion without any Biblical support.

It is true that the Israelites encountered giants in the promised land 1,000 years later (Numbers 13:33). But this is much more likely due to an effort by Satan to keep them from taking the land than any failure to wipe out the Nephilim during the flood.