The New Left Behind Movie


I wanted to know your thoughts on the new Hollywood movie Left Behind starring Nicolas Cage. I subscribe to the pre rapture position, but lately I find myself conflicted on whether or not we will be taken before the Lord’s final return, mainly because I have been reading a lot of article responses where it is being refuted by a lot of Christians. I have been praying for the Holy Spirit to guide me to the truth on this and I keep stumbling across more people who say it’s not true. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.


I can’t tell you how many times I get questions like this. They always come from someone who has become confused or uncertain about a Biblical position because they’ve read some articles or seen some videos that conflict with what they believe. They never mention searching the Scriptures to see if the things they’ve read or watched can be supported as Paul urged us to do in Acts 17:11. Neither do they mention having reached their current position as a result of some serious Bible study of their own. Most of them simply believe what they’ve been told to believe, so when someone else tells them something different they don’t know how to defend their position.

You say you’ve asked the Holy Spirit to guide you to the truth. I recommend you keep asking Him to do that. But try asking Him in front of an open Bible while you’re reading it because that’s the only place where you are guaranteed to find the truth. I also recommend that you stop considering the opinions of others until you are sure of what you believe from your own study. .