No 7 Year Tribulation. Follow Up


Re: There is No Seven Year tribulation. If it isn’t a 7 year “tribulation”, what does Daniel’s “70th Week” entail? And will we, the believers, be raptured before the 70th week or will we possibly be here through the first 3 1/2 years of Daniel’s 70th week?


In the time before Israel was reborn as a nation, the prevailing view in the Church was that this would never happen. After all, no nation that had been so totally destroyed had ever come back. It was during that time that the non-Biblical phrase “tribulation period” was coined to describe what we now know is really Daniel’s missing 70th Week.

Rev. 6-19 is the Bible’s explanation of what will happen during Daniel’s 70th week. From Romans 11:25-27 and Acts 15:13-18 I believe the Bible is clear in saying that the 70th week can’t begin until the Church is gone. Therefore the phrase “pre-tribulation rapture” is more correctly a pre-70th Week rapture.