There Is No Seven Year Tribulation. Follow Up


Re: There Is No Seven Year Tribulation. In this article you claim the notion of a seven year tribulation is unbiblical. I am going to disagree and the Word conveys that it will be for seven years. I am preterist and believe it happened from 66Ad-73AD.

Ezekiel 39:9 And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall set on fire and burn the weapons, both the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, and the handstaves, and the spears, and they shall burn them with fire seven years:

Please consider redoing or taking down your article to help decrease division in the church.


Through out the history of the Church, most of the world’s best scholars have been futurists of one form or another. They haven’t always agreed on exactly how the future will unfold, but they have agreed that there are unfulfilled prophecies in both the Old and New Testaments. One of these is the Battle of Ezekiel 38-39, which you apparently believe took place in 66AD, causing the Israelites to spend the seven years from then until 73AD burning the weapons from that battle. Untold numbers of scholars disagree. In doing so they are not being divisive, they just don’t believe the Preterist position is Biblically accurate.