No Communion Without Baptism?


My sister and I were raised in a pentecostal church, although I am nondenominational at this time in my life. She is saved but has fallen out of fellowship with God for a while now. I am trying to get her back into fellowship and going to church again. Last Sunday they served communion and she refused to take it. I thought it had to do with her falling away, but she said it was because she was taught that if she wasn’t baptized (water baptism) then she should not take communion. I told her as long as she’s saved baptism isn’t required for communion, but she doesn’t agree. Who’s correct?


Communion is for believers only, but everyone who is born again is eligible to participate. There is not one word in the Bible that requires withholding communion from believers who haven’t been baptized. As she’s taking communion your sister could ask for and immediately receive forgiveness for all the sins that are keeping her at a distance from God. He would welcome her back into fellowship without hesitation. In fact, He’s been waiting with open arms for that very thing.