No Rapture This Year?


I am so disappointed! Since there was no rapture on rosh hashanah, even tho everything seemed to point to it with the eclipses, what do we wait for now? Does that mean there is no chance for 2008? What is the next date you guys think it points to? I want to cry…I was SOOO hopeful!


You were misled by well intentioned people who haven’t done their homework. There was nothing that pointed to the Rapture on Rosh Hashanah of 2008, and there will never be anything that points to any date. The Rapture will happen on a day and hour that no one could have predicted in advance.

As for any other chance in 2008, every day carries an equal probability of the rapture, since there’s no day on which it can’t happen. In other words it could just as easily happen today as any other day. All any one can tell you with any certainty is that it’ll likely happen soon.