Not Being Fed At Church


Recently I was talking with our pastor regarding a pastor I had seen on TV. My my pastor said that he did not like this man because he was too pro-Israel. then he said, “I think we should support Israel and all, but I believe we are the NEW JEWS.” I was really taken aback by that comment. Too me, it seemed to imply that we, the Body of Christ, had replaced Israel, as taught in replacement theology. Also our pastor does not teach the Rapture, the Antichrist, or any of the End Times subject areas. My wife and I are both frustrated that we are not getting what we feel we need to be getting at church. We feel unfed. We do our own home Bible study every night at home, but remain unfulfilled at church. I pray about this every day. I know the Lord will make it clear to me in His own time, but any advice that you might be able to pass along would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately, comments like yours are becoming more and more frequent these days. I agree that your pastor’s opinion seems to come from a belief in replacement theology, which can’t be supported in Scripture.

As for being unfed at church you should remember that depending on a pastor or even a church to meet your spiritual needs is a human expectation and is not Biblical. A personal relationship with the Lord is just that, personal. As I see it, your options are basically to continue searching, join or start a home study of like minded people, or use sites like this one to satisfy your hunger for the word.

You say you don’t want to become a church hopper but my guess is the more independent study you do, the less satisfied you’ll be with the church you attend. Keep praying and let the Lord guide you. Remember Matt.7:7-8. Everyone who asks will receive, all who seek will find, and to everyone who knocks the door will be opened. This doesn’t apply just to salvation but also to a more fulfilling walk with Him.