Not Really A Watchman?


I was born again five years ago and I’ve told my friends and family about Jesus, the coming rapture and all that. I’ve also given out tons of tracts to strangers. I’ve written articles online and posted them in high-traffic areas. I’ve prayed for people I know who are unbelievers, to come to Christ. But as far as I can tell, nobody has! Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I’m not really a watchman after all?


It’s popular these days for Christians to call themselves watchmen, but it’s actually an incorrect application of the title. A watchman is a person appointed by God to warn a specific people about the judgment coming upon them as consequence of their sins. It is only mentioned twice in the Old Testament and both times it concerned Israel. It’s never mentioned in the New Testament in relation to the Church.

What you are doing is evangelizing. If God has put it into your heart to do these things, He only asks you to be obedient. You are not responsible for the results. Many times it takes a whole chain of events to persuade an unbeliever to accept the Lord. What you’re doing could just be one link in the chain. But God has promised that His word will never return to Him empty (Isaiah 55:11). That means nothing we do at His prompting is ineffective. So don’t be discouraged. You won’t know the full effect of what you’re doing until you stand before the Lord to receive your crown (1 Cor.4:5).