The Watchman. Follow Up


Re: The Watchman. What’s the difference between being a ‘watchman on the wall’ specifically appointed by God as Ezekiel was or a watchman in society watching the signs of the times? If we are all to watch and wait, seems like all God’s kids are appointed to be aware and share that awareness with others. I don’t see a big difference other than one is very specific and one is general.


That was the point of the article. We are all supposed to encourage each other by sharing what we learn and building each other up as we see the time approaching (1 Thes. 5:11). But that does not make us watchmen in the sense that Ezekiel and the other God appointed prophets were. It just makes us good students of God’s word.

Notice that Paul said to use our knowledge to encourage and build each other up. That means he wasn’t referring to unbelievers here, but to other Christians. Some people who call themselves Christians spend too much time tearing down believers who disagree with them on one point or another.