Not Sure My Husband Is Saved


My husband has supposedly received Christ. He teaches Sunday School (mainline denomination) and has even been on the “Walk to Emmaus” spiritual retreat. However, he is very liberal in his thinking and the CBS Evening News presented findings about the percentage of Christians and non-Christians alike who believe that other religions offer a way to salvation other than Jesus. My husband watched it with great interest and said when it was over that “he hadn’t been struck by lightning” for watching the program.

What can I say to him? He thinks my “obsession” with prophecy is just that – an obsession! If he continues on this path of other options what will happen to him? I firmly believe the end-time puzzle pieces are “floating” into place every day. The worldly part of me wants to tell him that he is going to get left behind, but he will not listen to that. I have to wonder if he really is saved!!!

Thank you so much for your website. I read it every day and gain so much spiritually because you lead us right back to the Word!!!


He says he’s saved and if you think he knows what that means and is sincere, then there’s nothing to worry about. You might show him James 3:1 about the responsibilities teachers have, but if you have to say something beyond that, it’s better if you talk to the Lord about him.

The Bible says that some from the main line denominations will be saved (Rev. 3:4-5) and maybe he’s one of them. As long as he’s chosen the right way to salvation, wondering if there are other ways won’t disqualify him because the Lord has promised to keep Him. If he starts believing there are other ways he’ll be demonstrating that he really doesn’t understand who Jesus is and what salvation is all about. At that point you’d be justified in wondering if he was ever saved.