Nuclear Warfare And The Millennium


I was thinking about the tribulation and the 7 year period. If the Millennium is going to start shortly after that 7 year period, would that rule out the nuclear weapon wars that we all fear? How would the earth be in habitable within 7 years of a nuclear war? Also, what is your view of the ‘ Illuminati’ and their drive towards their NWO? Don’t they realize they will have no one to rule over after Christ returns?


Tactical nuclear weapons, or battlefield nukes, are available in some countries and cause limited damage. From the language of Ezekiel 39:12-16 some commentators believe these might be used in Ezekiel’s battle. This passage says it will take 7 months to make the land habitable again and professionals will be employed to supervise the clean up process.

But more to the point, Jesus called His second Coming “the time of restoration of all things” (Matt. 19:28) and Peter confirmed this in Acts 3:21. That means God will restore Earth to the condition it was in when He created it at that time. Any nuclear contamination will be taken care of by Him.

The “Illuminati” are not believers and therefore don’t accept the possibility of the Lord returning, if they even know about it.