Old Testament Saints In The Millennium


I was just reading your recent post titled “Will David Be King Again?”. In it, you stated that you believe that a descendant of David’s (not David himself) will rule over Israel during the Millennium (under the authority of Jesus, the King) because he has to offer a sin offering for himself on Passover and on Tabernacles. This got me to thinking; “What will be the role of the OT Saints during the Millennium?”.

I guess I’m a little unclear on what exactly the resurrected OT Saints will be doing, as opposed to the Church during that time. Both will have their resurrection bodies. I assume that this means that the OT Saints will also have access to the New Jerusalem…? And, since Kingdom law will be in effect at that time, how does that pertain to the resurrected OT Saints?


The only detail the Bible offers concerning daily life in the Millennium has to do with the Temple. While we’re told that people on Earth will own property, build houses and raise crops, there is nothing specific about the daily activity of either Old Testament saints in Israel or the Church in the New Jerusalem. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I think it’s reasonable to assume that anyone in a resurrection body, whether from the Old Testament or the Tribulation, would be permitted to visit New Jerusalem. The Bible only says that neither sinners nor anything impure can enter. (Rev. 21:27)