One Year Sooner?


I have enjoyed reading through your web site. I notice that you make several references to the second coming happening 70 years after the rebirth of Israel in 1948. Thus, by assuming our calendar year of 365 days, the second coming could happen in 2018 with a rapture in 2011. However, if you assume a 360 day year (a prophetic year), and calculate that 70 360 day years equals roughly 69 365 day years, then the second coming could actually occur in 2017 with a rapture sometime in 2010. Basically, a 360 day year would make everything happen a full year earlier than you suggest. Any comments?


I have purposely stayed away from the 360 day calendar issue, although it’s a valid point. I’ve kept my estimations in what I call “the latest possible time” category to avoid being accused of date setting any more often than I already have. It’s true that using a 360 day year to calculate an average life span would shorten its duration by one year, but remember, the rapture could literally happen at any moment. Seven years before the 2nd Coming is just the latest possible time it could happen.