Opposing Prayers


Thank you so much for your site. Your insight and teaching are invaluable to me.

My question regards the concept of that which any two men agree upon will be done in heaven–what if two men agree on one thing and two other men agree on the opposite? Lots of people believe lots of things and most don’t match up, I’ve noticed.


This is one of those God things that transcends man’s understanding. How can God know the end from the beginning, and yet still answer prayers that would seem to change things? And how can He deal simultaneously with opposing desires? The only answer we have is that since He’s omniscient, He’s anticipated everything, and I mean everything, and has allowed for every conceivable contingency, and probably a good deal more that aren’t.

Obviously when opposing football teams both pray for victory, only one’s desires prevail. Did God favor that team over the other? Or was He unwilling to intervene in something so trivial? The only time we’ll understand these things is when we understand the mind of God.