My Prayers Are Mostly Repeats


I have a good prayer life, but I’m wondering if any one else might have the same problem I have. It seems a lot of my prayers are repeats: children saved, family saved, President saved, the Gospel preached, health of loved ones, etc., and other prayers I have. Do I really need to say these every night and every morning? Does God get tired of hearing the same requests over and over?


For many, morning and evening prayers start and end the day. The morning is a good time to bring before the Lord the things you’re concerned about for the day ahead, like health and safety for loved ones, guidance in making an important decision, and God’s favor in general. The evening is a good time to thank Him for what you’ve received during the day, for asking forgiveness for your sins, for peace and safety during the night, and to bring the names of unsaved loved ones before Him.

Making our prayers more specific keeps them from becoming repetitive generalities. God does not get tired of us asking for these things, and these prayers remind us of our dependence upon Him.