OSAS And Unanswered Prayer Follow Up


Today I read this letter “OSAS & Unanswered Prayer” on your site. It’s my shame but I often become very discouraged if I read such a “testimony”. What is troubling me is this: “Having thrown herself on God’s mercy and spent many hours in prayer, she has received no solution to her problems.” Can this happen that a believer trusts her/his problems or troubles to the Lord and she/he does not receive a solution/deliverance?


As far as I know, only four things can prevent God from delivering us of our problems; our lack of faith, our unconfessed sins, our subconscious feelings that we deserve to be afflicted, or our secret desire to remain where we are. This is a very complicated issue but some people only get the attention they crave by being sick or in trouble and are afraid that if they were healed their friends or family would begin ignoring them.

These four things are all part of our sin nature, and once we’re raptured and it’s gone we’ll look back at our lives and finally realize all the things God wanted to do for us but couldn’t because our sin nature prevented it. Some scholars believe that the tears God wipes from our eyes in Rev. 21:4 will have come as a result of this realization.